Jeremiah and the Whirlwind – Dream 2(The Beckoning Rooms Prequel Post)

Jeremiah’s dreams were pretty strange most of the time.

He preferred to daydream, he could control those a bit more. Last night he had an incredible experience with the second room, and he couldn’t shake it off.

He fell asleep out of exhaustion, and woke up a few hours later, sweating and searching for answers. Would he get any soon?

The dream began with Jeremiah sitting on a bench. Not his usual bench outside of his school.

He was familiar with this bench, but at the same time it felt like a complete stranger.

Jeremiah looked around and realised he was somewhere else. Like a scene out of a cowboy film.

That’s odd, I never watch those films. My friend used to love them. I would just play on my gameboy while he watched them.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something move and it startled him. As far as he was concerned, this place was deserted.

As he slowly turned toward the moving object, cautious not to bring any attention to himself, he realised it was a bale of hay.

Phew! It’s not a person coming at me with a gun! When he awoke later that day, he questioned the fear of a man with a gun, and how that would’ve worked out in his dream. There was no resolution to the dream so the only thing he could do was fill in the blanks.

He stood up and as he did, the hay bale made its way toward him, barely missing him.

Jeremiah explored his surroundings a bit more, and as he did, the wind seemed to speed up, and with it more hay bales kept coming at him.

What is this!? He thought.

As he watched, he noticed that the hay bales weren’t ordinary hay bales. They were words!

The intensity of the wind was out of control now, and the words kept zeroing in on him.

As he ran toward safety, making sure to move out of the way so the angry hay bales would pass him and not demolish him, he heard in his mind the words that he’d written on his walls a long time ago.

They were angry words.

They were coming back at him like never before.

Would he be able to defeat the whirlwind that was throwing his own anger back at him?

Intrigued by Jeremiah’s second dream?

Find out what happens in his waking time in The Beckoning Rooms.

Pre-orders will begin in May.

This fiction mini-series will hopefully be whetting your appetite and get you ready for the novel. The characters are the same, but what happens in the novel is very different than what happens in this “prequel”.

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