Jenna dreams about the end of her world

In her dreams, she’d usually wake up in her bed, mid-morning, feeling rested and hopeful for the day ahead.

This time waking up felt different. The calm before the storm.

Usually the noises outside were of cars rushing past, or children chattering away, as they walked with their mothers towards the local school.

She didn’t dare look out the window. She opted for getting herself ready for whatever she’d be facing this sunny summer’s day.

At least it’s sunny, she thought.

As she grabbed her purse and keys, and opened the front door, she hesitated for a moment.

Still looking at the floor, she slowly moved her gaze upward, to see the outside world, expectation of more of the same was there, but an eerie sense of difference was looming in the back of her mind.

School bags on the ground, abandoned as if they wouldn’t be useful any longer. Their owners long gone. But where did they go?

It was a 20mph road, so cars didn’t exactly crash. She would’ve heard it from her room.

 Noticing the two hatchbacks, like rams facing each other, Jenna realised that she was witnessing something big. Something she didn’t know how to get out of.

Where are all the people? What has happened overnight?

She searched for signs of her neighbours, or the noisy children that often annoyed her out of her slumber.

No sign of either.

What did this mean? What could possibly have happened that meant that she was the only one around?

It had been a strange year for her. Lots going on. Not much she could make sense of. And now this?

What am I meant to do now? I have no idea what to do. She thought as she wandered around the familiar streets and into the town centre.

In town she found more of the same. Abandoned shopping bags, cars in disarray, as if they’d bumped into each other, their drivers suddenly gone.

Why me? Why isn’t there anyone else around? What does this mean?

Even though she enjoyed her alone time, she started to feel really lonely without another human soul in sight.

She sat down on a bench overlooking her favourite café. A bench she’d sat on many times before.

She wasn’t scared, just confused and troubled by what this meant for her future. Is there a future?

As she awoke from her dream, the question lingered in her mind: is there a future?

In the reality of her awakening, Jenna struggled to come up with an answer.

Reassured by the children and car noises outside, she took a deep breath, leaving her somnolent state behind.

She’d had this dream before. Many times. Still unsure of its meaning, she’d accumulated a few theories: an alien invasion perhaps, or the Christian harpazo maybe. A third choice, her favourite by far, was that she’d gone to an alternate timeline where the world would be re-populated, one by one. There were others like her but they hadn’t crossed over just yet.

Thinking of her theories, she got up and got ready for her day.

Follow my blog via the link below to see what Jenna will dream up next Monday. I’ll be writing a blog post answering some of the questions above in the near future.

The Beckoning Rooms Novel is now in it’s final development stages. My second baby is about to be brought into the world!.

I will be launching it soon.

This fiction mini-series will hopefully be whetting your appetite and get you ready for the novel. The characters are the same, but what happens in the novel is very different than what happens in this “prequel”.

Be sure to stay tuned for another series, coming up after this one, on dream interpretation.

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