Losing it all – Jenna’s 2nd Dream (The Beckoning Rooms Prequel Post)

Jenna wasn’t sure anymore if going to bed and chancing a strange dream would be a good idea at this point.

The reality of the place she found herself in was, in many ways, just as unsettling.

At least in her dreams she could wake up and know it wasn’t real…or was it?

It was summer time and she’d agreed to meet her friend at their favourite coffee shop.

They loved it partly because it was quieter than other places, but also because it was attached to a very fashionable women’s clothing store.

Oh how they loved to play dress-up there, with all the fancy clothes they couldn’t really afford.

They didn’t care. They had become familiar with the shop lady and she was happy for them to try on a few items and take some photos for their Instagram, which gave her some free advertising. Win-win!

Jenna had been early that day, and she was about to order her second mango smoothie when she heard the shop lady come through and tell her all about the new party dresses that had just arrived.

As this was happening, Cynthia arrived, apologising for being late, blowing air kisses as they assumed posh people would do when greeting one another.

They were quite funny together. They didn’t care how they seemed to others. They were happy with each other.

The shop lady called both of them over to try on the dresses.

Jenna, usually very careful with her possessions, looked back at her bag on the floor and left it there. A deep sense of trust telling her it would be fine, although the hairs on the back of her neck were telling her otherwise.

They tried on the dresses, Jenna a pink one that made her look like candyfloss; Cynthia a tighter fitting number – she was more daring after all – that made her look like she was about to sing to John Travolta at the end of Grease.

Laughter filled the room, and they were oblivious to the passing of time.

The only thing that had mattered was how much fun they had together.

As they made their way back to where Jenna’s bag was, she realised it wasn’t there anymore.

She looked around, almost becoming manic now with fear that all her stuff was gone.

Her phone was the only thing she had on her as they were taking photos with it, but her purse, all her ID documents and cards were there.

There was something symbolic about the contents of her bag, that if lost would give her so much more grief than just having to replace them.

Why did I leave those things there! Why did I go against my best instinct and leave my bag there, easy prey for anyone to take!

She didn’t know why she had done it, but she knew she needed to find it.

Jenna woke up, in a sweat and with her heartbeat racing.

She remembered having had this dream before, and what was going on in her life when she dreamt it.

It took her quite a few minutes to recover and gather herself. To realise it was just a dream.

But what could be taken away from her?

Have you had dreams like this one?

Did you manage to figure out what they meant to you?

Have you ever woken up feeling like Jenna – sweating, heart racing, or even crying?

Dreams are powerful and very revealing of where we are when we’re awake.

What are your dreams telling you lately?

Follow my blog via the link below to see what Jenna will dream up next Monday. I’ll be writing a blog post answering some of the questions above in the near future.

The Beckoning Rooms Novel is now in it’s final development stages. My second baby is about to be brought into the world!.

I will be launching it soon.

This fiction mini-series will hopefully be whetting your appetite and get you ready for the novel. The characters are the same, but what happens in the novel is very different than what happens in this “prequel”.

Be sure to stay tuned for another series, coming up after this one, on dream interpretation.

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