Dreaming up unicorns – Jenna (The Beckoning Rooms Prequel Post)

As Jenna fell asleep that first night, she snuggled up to her long lost teddy.

Forgetting that she wasn’t ten anymore, she did what she always did when she was young.

Rocked herself to sleep.

When she opened her eyes, she noticed that her surroundings had changed yet again.

This time, she’d travelled to a place of wonder.

Bright, pastel colours shining all around her.

Creatures she’d encountered before, some had three eyes and many legs, others just had a distinct colour she couldn’t even begin to name.

She’d been here before. But she didn’t really know where she was.

It was as if she’d been taken into one of her stories. The ones she used to read to distract herself with from daily life.

She knew she was safe. She especially knew she was safe when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw her favourite mythical creature of all – a unicorn! How wonderful! She thought.

Yes, it was a unicorn, but it was a baby one. Awwwww! She exclaimed. Taking in all the beauty of this place. The calm she felt was incredible.

She giggled and smiled, like a little child. She felt free here.

As she stood up, Jenna noticed underneath her was something like a cloud. It quickly dissipated as she took a step out of it, into the grassy ground underneath.

Incredible! Jenna exclaimed, feeling extremely amused and intoxicated by the shiny brightness and blissfulness of this place.

She wasn’t questioning anything, she was just walking around, enjoying herself.

The baby unicorn had now reached her. Their eyes met, and they knew they were friends. They could trust one another.

They both danced and jumped around together for a while. Jenna giggled and cuddled the baby unicorn, like they’d known each other forever.

Then, suddenly, with one single move, the baby unicorn began to run away from Jenna. She chased him for what seemed an eternity.

Panting and stopping to catch her breath, she realised the baby unicorn was nowhere to be found.

She sat down on a purple rock and began to sob. It wasn’t fair that she’d lost her friend. Her only friend!

After a short while, Jenna stood up. Gathered herself and continued searching.

She searched and searched, and along the way she found other creatures that wanted to be her friend.

She felt guilty. She couldn’t get new friends yet?!

She couldn’t betray the baby unicorn, even if he’d left her first.

Walking on, Jenna began to notice behind her, how the other creatures had been following her and keeping her company.

It felt like the start of something new.

But what about baby unicorn? Who’ll take care of him?

Somehow she knew he’d be fine. He always was. In her other dreams, they always found each other again.

Maybe in her next dream, he’ll be here.

She also knew she’d be fine. She had lots of new fantastic friends around her. they’d help her on her way.

As she thought this, she found a patch of soft grass, and lied down to sleep. She was so tired after all that running.

Jenna woke up, smiling. She loved those dreams! She smiled at the power of her imagination, and got up, unsure of what the day would bring.

Have you had dreams like this one?

Did you manage to figure out what they meant to you?

There’s something about this dream, that talks of hope, of a fantasy world that is much kinder than the world Jenna existed in when she was younger. A place where she can be free. Where she can have true companionship and understanding. No words necessary.

What could the baby unicorn be representing for Jenna?

And what could his leaving mean?

What about the other creatures that were following her?

Follow my blog via the link below to see what Jenna will dream up next Monday. I’ll be writing a blog post answering some of the questions above in the near future.

The Beckoning Rooms Novel is now in it’s final development stages. My second baby is about to be brought into the world!.

I will be launching it soon.

This fiction mini-series will hopefully be whetting your appetite and get you ready for the novel. The characters are the same, but what happens in the novel is very different than what happens in this “prequel”.

Be sure to stay tuned for another series, coming up after this one, on dream interpretation.

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