A message for you in this time of crisis. Regular blog posts will resume at a later time.

On behalf of Stacey Sabido from Serenity for you and Karin Brauner from KB Bilingual Services, we’d like to offer our support through these hard times.

We will continue our work online, and we hope that you’ll reach out if you need us.

We have decided to halt our regular blog series on hoarding as things progress.

Here is Stacey’s message to everyone:

“During this current situation we would like to offer you our words of support.
Please remember to stay safe & although these are difficult times, we can use it to appreciate our loved ones, appreciate life & focus on what we would like to achieve.
Let’s spend quality time with our kids, get more involved with their learning.
Do things that we never had the time to do before like decluttering the house, meditating, working on unfinished projects.
Together we can get through this 💛

Stay safe, stay in touch via mobile devices, keep eating as well as possible, exercise at home, practice mindfulness and meditation or anything that will help you get through this difficult time.

Take care one and all.

Karin and Stacey.

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