Content Creation for Practitioners in Private Practice – Live Event Tomorrow

Hi! And welcome to today’s blog post, where I will be talking about a topic that I believe will benefit you.

Learning about social media and the business world has led me into a wider world, for my personal life, but also in a big way for my work life.

I am a counsellor in private practice, and as such I’ve had to come to terms with a few things.

  1. Private practice is a business.
  2. as a buisness, I must market it.
  3. Counselling isn’t the same as selling shoes (the title of my upcoming event) – and as such the marketing must be different
  4. I have to find a way to market myself without sounding either patronising or pushy, after all, people come to counselling when they’re ready, not when a counsellor tells them they need it (I wouldn’t dare say that to anyone and I challenge anyone that does! let people come to you)

It’s been quite a mindset change to get to where I am now in my private practice, but putting some things in place, slowly, steadily and consistently, has helped me get there.

In this post, I want to talk about repurposing. This is a great aspect of content creation and social media marketing!

In order to promote our business – private practice – on social media, therapists must be clever about it and think about what the best way to do this will be.

I believe that adding value to our audiene will get us the results we want. And in turn allow clients to reach us, their best choice of therapist!

But we must be consistent and congruent. This means posting on a regular basis, and posting what we believe in and what makes us passionate.

People will know if we’re posting for the sake of it rather than posting because we actually care about what we’re posting!

So what do I mean by repurposing?

In summary, repurposing means using your content over and over and over, in a variety of ways.

Here are some ways you can create, use, and re-use (repurpose) your content (I’ll leave some examples at the very end of the post as I’ve been having issues with my wordpress app today!)

  1. Write Blog posts like this one
  2. Create Podcasts and Vlogs that stem from your blog post or your services
  3. Write articles on LinkedIn based on your original blog post and/or service offers
  4. Images: you can create images to fit all your different platforms. Usually you can use the same ones you create for Twitter and reuse them in Facebook and LinkedIn. There might be particular sizes that fit Instagram (square) and Pinterest (infographic size, for example) better. You can find all of this in free programmes like Canva.
  5. Storyboard Videos: I use Lumen5 for mine, but there are other apps out there and if you have your own images you can even use Adobe products to create them. Videos are becoming even more popular and eye-catching than images, so get on board! It’s a great way to get started, especially if you’re not ready to publish personal videos yet.
  6. Personal videos: These are scary to do at first but once you get used to them, it gets easier and even fun! I’ve embedded videos all over my website, and they’ve made it even better for clients to decide whether they want to work with me, and to give more information in case I can’t reply straight away to a message due to being out or on holiday or any other reason. This is a real personal touch and I highly recommend it!
  7. Infographics: These are the pinterest app’s friend. They are fun to create and you can use your existing blog or service content to add them to your arsenal or first use and repurposed posts!

These are only some ways in which you can repurpose your content.

Contac me if you have any questions or need any help with your content creation!

Whilst I’m here, I want to remind you of the event I mentioned in the title and elsewhere in this post. Click here to join and watch tomorrow morning, Tuesday 23rd July at 8:30am.

As promised, here are some sample images and videos:

Twitter Sized, also can be used on Facebook and LinkedIn
Social Media or Square Sized, Better for Instagram, but also OK for other apps
Infographic: Ideal for Pinterest as this app prefers longer images, but there is an even better pinterest size!
I use storyboard videos for my promotions. This one is for online supervision and I keep reusing it over and over, especially on Twitter (the half life of a tweet is very short)!
This video is for my supervision month I did back in summer 2018. I have lots more like this and I’m looking forward to creating newer versions and new content! They don’t have to be long, and it’s better if they’re between 1min and 2min max.

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