Creating A Supervision Model That Works For Your Practice – Live Event


Last week I presented a talk with John Wilson from, which was all about supervision and how to create a model that works for you.

I spoke about the different theories that underpin my model – I use 5 main ones that  cover everything from contracting, to ethics, to the more personal and relational aspects of supervision.

It was great to see the response, and to have provided some food for thought and, for some of the attendees, some new theories to use within their supervision practice.

Being aware of the theories that can be helpful for supervision and for finding what we need to be getting is also important.

I’ll be talking about the individual aspects I believe should be involved in supervision at different points of the supervisory relationship.

I’ve written about these in my supervision series blog posts which are ready to read now, via the “In Supervision” category. There’s a link below.

What supervision theories underpin your practice?

Here’s a round-up post of all the models I base my supervision framework on.

Have a look at this file for more on what I spoke about in the live event


If you missed the free live event, you can catch up here.

It’s an affordable membership and very good CPD throughout the year.

I highly recommend them!

In the last year, I’ve created lots of content that I hope will be informative and interesting, for your practice and the way you approach your supervisory relationship (as a therapist) or your work with supervisees (if you’re a supervisor too!).

I’ll leave links here to the different pages, which can all be found through my main website and main supervision page.



Click here to watch videos of me  explaining my supervision model. 

Click here for videos on supervision points to keep in mind.

Online supervision Videos – how does it work?

You can also follow all of these on Youtube or on the link above.

Click here to read blog posts related to the videos!

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