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Hi, and welcome to the first post of 2019!

I hope your celebrations went well and that your 2019 is starting off very well.

I’m excited about all of the fantastic products and services I’m planning for you this year. You can find some of these already set up on my directory, where you can find everything I offer in one place! 

Last Thursday was #FestivalofSleepDay, and in honour of that most-loved activity, I bring you today’s blog post.

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy my naps and going to bed for a good nights’ sleep.


It can be very frustrating on those nights when it gets a bit tricky to fall asleep, or we wake up in the middle of the night for no real reason – or due to worrying or thinking about things that are happening in our lives at present.

Something that I’ve found through personal experience and through reading articles on sleep, is that everyone is different and therefore everyone needs different amounts of sleep.

Some people function very well with 5-6 hours sleep every night. I need at least 8 hours!

Find your right number and aim for that.

Reassess as you get older or your needs and lifestyle change.

Let’s look at some of the ways sleep is important.

  1. Sleep helps our body re-energise after a busy day, so we can do it all again tomorrow!
  2. Sleep allows our brain to stay fit, and that means that we are alert and ready to process the stuff that comes our way throughout our day. (this prevents car accidens and mistakes at work!)
  3. If you are studying, sleeping will help you retain the information you learned in class and when you are studying for exams.
  4. Getting the amount of sleep we need keeps illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and others, at bay.


How to ensure the best night’s sleep. 

  • Avoid caffeine a few hours before going to bed.
  • Have a hot bath or shower.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Keep your bedroom cool.
  • Wear socks to bed.
  • Practice relaxation techniques which include going from toes to head.
  • Change your bedding often. Clean bedding does make a difference!
  • Replace Caffeine with chamomile or other fruit teas.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Write your worries down in a notepad. Sometimes just getting things “out of our heads” might help, even if only for the night.

Get the book today, and get these lovely printables to support your self-care throughout the year!.jpgIn my Book, 20 Self-Care Habits, I write about the importance of sleep.

I also give you some ideas on how getting a good nights’ sleep will improve your quality of life, wellbeing, and your relationships.

I also offer you a reflection time broken down into three areas: think, feel, act.

Here is a little snippet out of the book:

“Have you ever been so tired that you want to cry? A lack of rest can cause you to be irrational or agitated and can affect your judgement and perception in negative ways.” (page 109-110)

I leave you with this quote, which is very poignant for the chapter on sleep, and for this post:

“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep. – E. Joseph Cossman

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(Credit to alyssa-sparacino for some of these tips – watch full video here)


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