Relationship Success – Round up and Upcoming Posts


Hi! And welcome to today’s Relationship success post.

In this post, I’d like to point you in the direction of the first four posts, and let you know what to expect in the next month.

Relationship success is all about communication.

It seems like a small, innocent word, right?


But communication has so many aspects and ways of manifesting itself, many of which we learn by trial and error, or by dire necessity.

In these posts, I am raising awareness on the things you already know, and the things you can work on with your romantic partner – and other relationships – and maybe even on some aspects of communication and relationships that are more obscure and difficult to put into words sometimes.

I hope you have been enjoying the series so far, and I look forward to your comments and suggestions for future posts

You can also contact me to book a couples session or an individual session, whichever will be more beneficial for you at this point.

Book CoverI have written a book that will help you improve your life and relationship. By following the 20 self-care habits in the book, your mindset will change, you will learn how to set clear boundaries and meet your needs in a variety of ways. You can develop your own ideas or use the ones already presented in the book. It’s a versatile and practical book that I’m sure will help you on your path to self-care and better lives and relationships.

I also have a blog post series on this topic, and videos to go with it! You can watch the videos here (there’s a link to the original blog post in each video description):

Introduction  *** Set clear boundaries ***  spend time with others *** spend time on your own *** honour your feelings *** spend time in nature *** self-care vs selfish

Relationship Success – Working on your relationship one step at a time

Catch up on past posts  

Week 1

What to expect in this series – video

What to expect in this series – blog post

Week 2

Whose responsibility is it anyway? – Video

Whose responsibility is it anyway? – blog post

Week 3 

Acceptance – Video

Acceptance – Blog post

Week 4

Compromise – Video

Compromise – Blog post

I hope you enjoy catching up on these past posts, and I look forward to writing more interesting, informative and helpful posts from next week.

Here are a few topics to look out for:

  • how the differences between men and women affect how we communicate and understand each other and life in general
  • what do cavemen and us have in common?
  • endorphins, falling in love and what happens after a while…
  • drama triangle
  • how does learnt behaviour affect our lives and relationships
  • …and more to come!!!


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