Spring cleaning


The past couple of weeks – since the weather picked up and it seems spring is finally arriving – I have started clearing out some of my papers, clothes and clutter.

It made me feel good, removing things that I haven’t used, looked at or worn in a long time, and make room for, well, just to have room really! I haven’t replaced anything with anything else, which feels good.

I can’t see myself going minimalist at any point soon but I am minimising many of my things. It makes sense, both space wise and mental health wise.

Other things I’ve reviewed recently:

  • business plan for the next few months – simplified so I am not trying to be everything to everyone and do everything at once… that will never work and I will burn out or give up and I don’t want to do either!
  • Weekly schedule and the amount and length of tasks I assign myself for my life and businesses.
  • Getting ready for new GDPR legislation led to the ridding of paperwork from a few years ago, and things that I don’t really need anymore. Going electronic now with most of my business contracts and communications, so everything is encrypted and password protected and that feels much better.

Anyway, enough about me…


Spring cleaning relates mainly to cleaning the house, dusting, getting rid of things we don’t use.

But…how can this impact our mental state?

Well, firstly, the fact that we have clutter lying around might be a sign that our mental health is not at its best.

Secondly, the clutter might be causing our mental health to suffer.

Either way, something needs to be done so our physical space matches our mental health in a positive way.

3Clutter might affect

  • Energy levels
  • Concentration levels
  • Motivation levels
  • And lead us to feel overwhelmed or unable to cope with everyday life and other demands
  • It might reminds us of the past, which might lead to depression, or
  • It might make us anxious about the future
  • Which means we are not living in the present.




5Clearing out will have these effects:

  • You will limit the fire hazards, dust and mould accumulating
  • You will be more likely to live in the present rather than in the past or the future.
  • You will feel proud of your surroundings
  • You will know where everything you need is, and have got rid of those things that you really didn’t need.
  • You will create space to, well, create more things in your life, in the here and now.



When I talk about getting depressed or anxious due to clutter, I am not diminishing anyone’s symptoms of depression or anxiety.

All I’m saying is have a look around, check what stuff is cluttering your physical space that might be having an impact on your mental health.

Some things we keep out of nostalgia, but that nostalgia might not be good for our mental health. It might keep us in the past and not able to see the good in the present and expecting positives in the future.

 See what you need to keep in your life and what you don’t.

4Get rid of stuff and then see how this feels within yourself.

Are you feeling better? Is there a “spring” in your step that wasn’t there before?

Is your energy and motivation coming back?

What has changed for you since decluttering?

Let me know, leave a message in the comments section at the bottom of the page, or the form below.

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