Blog Post Showcase, Christmas Edition: Loneliness Reflections, by Paula Newman

Hi everyone, and welcome to our Christmas blog, by one of the graduates of my Practical Steps to Blogging Workshop via Onlinevents Experiential Workshops.

Over the Christmas season, we have many emotions. Some of us really enjoy this time of the year, whilst others struggle with everything that this holiday season entails.

In this post, Paula talks to us about her reflections on loneliness…

From relationships to mental health…to how we deal with our inner self and our shame…and finally to how counselling can help us address loneliness.

Click on either of the images, or here, to read the full post.

Whatever you’re doing, however you’re feeling this holiday season, know that you’re not alone.

There are many of us that understand and are here to help.

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Blog Post Showcase: Successful Private Practice – my ‘why’, by Antonia Higgins

Hello everyone, and welcome to Wednesday’s new ongoing series, where I’ll be showcasing the blog posts that the graduates of my workshop via onlinevents experiential workshops have written.

In this week’s post, Tonia writes to us about her own workshop, Successful Private Practice, and tells us a bit about why she’s offering this workshop.

Why you’re in great hands with Antonia supporting you via this workshop

Why is she offering this workshop

Why Antonia is qualified to present this workshop

Find out more about the meaning of success in private practice

Get some practical tips and know-how

And of course, how to book.

I’ll be updating these Wednesday posts as I receive links to colleague’s blog posts. Keep an eye out for these!

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(psst, the video in the post was created by yours truly)

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