Thought of the Day: Rogers’ Realisation

“In my early professional years I was asking the question: How can I treat, or cure, or change this person? Now I would phrase the question in this way: How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for their own personal growth?” 
(Carl R. Rogers, 1961)

In therapy and with supervisees, I talk about “organic change“.

What I mean by that is, change that happens slowly – depends on the client’s pace and the issue at hand – but it happens slowly because we are dealing with the root issue, not only the symptoms but the root cause of the problem or dilemma the client might bring.

This means that personal growth will remain as such, with a few setbacks of course, but it can never go back to zero once the process has begun.

This process, as Carl Rogers found out, can only take place when the therapist stops trying to fix or solve the problem for the client – they are not broken, I must add – and relies on the therapeutic relationship that develops throughout the sessions, to explore and understand the root of the thoughts, emotions, behaviours, etc., that the client might have and why these are so.

This allows for organic change, change from deep within, which frees the individual into a more self-aware and fulfilled life.

This will be different for everyone, but if we as therapists work on this premise, the chances of having an impact on our clients that allows for personal growth will be massive.

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Thought of the Day: A quote to reflect on

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

This quote brings to mind my search for meaning in my own life, by seeking out therapy before becoming a therapist, and continuing that exploration during my training.

If I came to therapy because doing it on my own, trying to help myself in the same way over and over wasn’t working, I can’t help to think that many of my clients have come thinking along a similar track.

What do you think? What is your reasoning for seeking therapy?

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Thought for the Day: The therapist’s intuition

Intuition is something that we might forget to take out as an important tool in our day to day lives.

As a therapist, I’ve learned how to hone in on my natural intuition in order to sense and perceive things happening in the counselling room with my clients, and between myself and my clients.

There is always unconscious and conscious communication going on between two people – more if outside the therapy room.

There might be different things that arise in the therapist that they might recognise as “not theirs”.

This is where intuition comes in – listening to those things that “aren’t theirs”, therapists are honing in on what might be going on for the client in their lives outside the counselling room.

This is important as it might be shedding light into something that needs to be worked on – in a similar way that dream analysis can be helpful when a client brings their dreams to the therapy room.

Creative work arises from intuition, dreams, and unconscious communication.

Of course there’s more to it than that, but I’ll leave you to consider how you use your intuition in every day life, or in the counselling room if you’re a therapist.

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Thought of the Day: About the Therapeutic Relationship

This is a quote taken from my post on working creatively in the therapy room.

What do you think?

The therapeutic relationship is a safe space that allows both the client and the therapist to express themselves freely, sometimes in a playful and humorous manner, in order to explore the client’s curiosity about themselves, their dreams, the issues that bring them to therapy now, as well as finding a different, new – creative – way of getting their lives back on track.

– Karin Brauner

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Thought of the Day: Creativity and Therapy Work

Creativity is something that we might take for granted in our busy lives.

There is something powerful in stopping and considering doing creative work in one way or another.

This could be writing a poem, a short story, colouring, drawing, painting, or just taking in the impressive world of nature.

All of these things help shift things inside of us.

They help us reflect, renew our minds and souls, revisit things with a new perspective.

They help us move forward with life in a way we might not have thought about before.

Creativity comes in many forms, and so does self-discovery.

Working with a counsellor in the therapy room will allow you to work on the things I mentioned above, in a non-judgemental, safe space where you can say anything without fear.

This will help you explore further those things that might have you stuck, overwhelmed, or simply wondering.

Have you tried counselling before?

If so, what’s been helpful.

If you haven’t, what’s stopping you?

Remember, you’ll be ready to work on yourself creatively in therapy or otherwise, when the time is right.

Everyone’s timing is different.

Read A Creative Space to Grow from…The Therapeutic Relationship.

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Thought of the Day – Mini Blog Series (Intro)

Hi everyone!

I know, I’ve been quiet for a while, but I hope you’ve been enjoying the Practical Steps to Blogging posts from colleagues that have completed my workshop with onlinevents.

In this post, I’d like to introduce a new series, possibly ongoing for the next few months to a year. Maybe longer, let’s see how this goes!

My thinking with this series is that I’ve written over 200 blog posts since July 31st 2017, and there’s a lot of content there to expand on and explore further.

So, I’m going to be digging into each blog post, from the first one to the last one, and write some “thoughts for the day” to help me and whoever reads these posts to reflect on self-care, mental wellbeing, supervision, and other topics (thanks to my followers by email and on social media by the way, your support is fully appreciated and so are your comments!).

I do hope you enjoy these mini-blogs.

I look forward to your comments on social media or at the bottom of the posts.

I’d also like to welcome suggestions on topics you might want me to discuss in these mini blogs.

I’m not sure yet of the frequency, I’m going to test it out for every other day, we’ll see what happens!

For now, I leave you with my blog subscription form so you can continue to receive these in your inbox as they are published.

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