Blog Post Showcase: Tiger! By Kalpna Hirani.

Hello everyone, and welcome to this ongoing series, where I’ll be showcasing the blog posts that the graduates of my workshop via onlinevents experiential workshops have written.

In this post, Kalpna discusses the things we might be doing during a crisis or turbo-anxious times as she calls them.

Kalpna gently guides us to what happens when we experience fear or an imminent and present danger.

She talks about how in past times, human reaction to the tiger in front of us had to be quick, in order to survive via fight or flight, or other means.

Now we don’t need that but as we’re the same humans, we are still responding in a similar way, even though the tiger is no longer in front of us about to eat us.

Read Kalpna’s post for tips on what to do when the virtual tiger is in front of you.


I’ll be updating these posts as I receive links to colleague’s blog posts. Keep an eye out for these!

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