Blog Post Showcase: Angela Tulloch: Grief and Loss Poetry (Part 3)

Hello everyone, and welcome to Wednesday’s new ongoing series, where I’ll be showcasing the blog posts that the graduates of my workshop via onlinevents experiential workshops have written.

In Today’s post, Angela speaks to us about Grief in the form of 3 lovely poems.

Make sure you check out Parts 1 and 2 as she gives us more insight into what grief and loss looks like, and gives some solace into different aspects of grief we might be struggling with, like “how long should we be grieving for”, and other important questions (an advance hint – there’s no set time for grief, it’s an ongoing process that changes as time goes by).

I’ve also written some blog posts on grief if you want to read those here.

The grief cake

1 Bucket of tears
1 Bucket of pain
and a bucket of regret

Then add

1 Bucket of pity
1 Bucket of denial
1 Bucket of shock
1 Bucket of guilt

Mix together in a large bowel of memories.
Empty in a tin of strength.
Bake in a hot oven of forgiveness
and decorate with a thick coating of love.

It still hurts

It still hurts to look at your grave.

It still hurts to put flowers in your place

It still hurts to wish you happy birthday

It still hurts to not hearing your voice on the telephone.

It still hurts.

Sweet peace

I am reassured to know you are somewhere safe

Safe you are in heaven

You are not alone, and it takes away the pain

Your last words were, we will meet again

Yes, I believe we will meet again.

Grief bus station

Grief got on at grief bus station in 2010 and again in 2012.

The journey was long and tiring.

I stopped at Shock Station in disbelief. 

I quickly arrived at denial stop where I was disoriented.

I got off for a while, then caught the number 9 bus to Pain Street. 

There the driver picked up weepy-in an uncontrollable state.

Weepy got off for a rest at I Cannot Bear It Avenue,

 before arriving at Reality Gardens.

Pain got on and sat next to a group of memories.

They chatted for a while and dared to smile. 

Just then guilt got on with blame. 

They talked about neglect,

short time spend and how things could have been.

When the grief bus arrived at the station,

grief was met by a glimmer of Hope holding the sign ‘Your journey starts here’

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