Thought of the Day: Creativity and Therapy Work

Creativity is something that we might take for granted in our busy lives.

There is something powerful in stopping and considering doing creative work in one way or another.

This could be writing a poem, a short story, colouring, drawing, painting, or just taking in the impressive world of nature.

All of these things help shift things inside of us.

They help us reflect, renew our minds and souls, revisit things with a new perspective.

They help us move forward with life in a way we might not have thought about before.

Creativity comes in many forms, and so does self-discovery.

Working with a counsellor in the therapy room will allow you to work on the things I mentioned above, in a non-judgemental, safe space where you can say anything without fear.

This will help you explore further those things that might have you stuck, overwhelmed, or simply wondering.

Have you tried counselling before?

If so, what’s been helpful.

If you haven’t, what’s stopping you?

Remember, you’ll be ready to work on yourself creatively in therapy or otherwise, when the time is right.

Everyone’s timing is different.

Read A Creative Space to Grow from…The Therapeutic Relationship.

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