Ayanay brought together two great minds: Windy Dryden and Irvin D. Yalom, and I was there for the ride!

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Hi, and welcome to this entry of my blog.

This is going to be a bit different, as something absolutely brilliant happened last Thursday evening.

It could be a once-in-a-lifetime thing for everyone involved, and for all of you out there that we can bring this video interview to.

Where to start?

This is too big for words, but I’ll do my best…

A few weeks ago, I joined Ayanay, and had a chat with one of the founders, Siobhain (Vonnie) Crosbie.

We used Zoom Meetings at my request. Vonnie was worried as she’d not used the technology before. (check out my content creation service page)

Luckily it all went well. We had a lovely chat and found lots of things in common!

I also had the chance to be coached/mentored by Ayanay’s co-founder, Dave Sleet, who was great support during a tricky week in regard to some work I’m doing.


That was the start of what I believe to be, already, a great relationship.

It’s still early days but I’m seeing how wonderful it is already to be a part of this great enterprise, and bring my knowledge,experience and support to a very knowledgeable, experienced and supportive team!

Fastforward to last Wednesday evening (20th March 2019).

I get an urgent messenger call from Vonnie and Dave, asking if I could help with setting up a Zoom Meeting between – get this – Windy Dryden and Irvin D Yalom!

They were nervous that they wouldn’t fully grasp how to use the programme before Thursday evening, so they asked for my support.

As you can imagine, a lot was going through my mind and body at that point.

Happiness  – to have found these two great people to work with and get to know – Vonnie and Dave – and to be chatting to them once more on Wednesday night.

Humbled – to ba a part of such a great thing, and to be in the presence of Windy Dryden and Irvin D. Yalom!

Gratitude – to be “the one” asked to help with this; to be seen as an “expert” and someone able to help sort out a problem and bring the event to pass.

Awe and nerves – at the thought of being in the same virtual space as those two greats, which have been a part of my Psychology and Counselling studies.

Excitement  – at what we were going to achieve the next evening!

I couldn’t sleep that night, or the night after for that matter, but I was so happy and over the moon with it all!

Thursday evening was amazing!


I will now handover to Vonnie and Dave to tell you a bit more about how they got Windy Dryden to talk at their recent retreat, as well as to agree to interview Irvin D. Yalom.

(((watch the whole interview here)))

They’ll also tell you about their journey of talking to Irvin D. Yalom and getting 3 dates to talk to him in April’s “An Audience with Irvin D. Yalom”.

Lastly, they’ll let you know a bit more about Ayanay and what it’s all about.

Over to you, Vonnie and Dave!

Wow What an Intro!

Thanks Karin, well I guest first off let’s get the name questions out the way.

Ayanay pronounced ‘A an A’. It is a word found in many ancient languages from all over the world and throughout human history.

It has always held a theme, wherever it has been used. Torchbearers, Teachers, Leaders, Mavericks.

Both of us have always fallen in to these groups, throughout our careers. Vonnie as a Therapist and Dave as a Coach.

Our Ayanay story is born, after Vonnie received a diagnosis of cancer in January 2018. The diagnosis, treatment and recovery meant Vonnie’s private psychotherapy practice (APS Psychotherapy & Counselling) went into suspended animation.

5This resulted in time to create and develop ideas, around how the Therapeutic industry can unite, grow, and develop, ultimately for the service of those that seek the support of Therapists, Counsellors and Coaches. (The Clients)

Ayanay work to provide the best possible package of support to the therapeutic community, through Elite Membership and Elevated Learning Retreats.

Not only to develop their own best practice, through increased awareness, but also to grow their business capacity through: facilitation of Elevated Learning Modules, Effective Networking, and Introductions to additional revenue streams.

This means members also have the opportunity to promote their own workshops and presentations and ultimately, to be paid for delivering them to Ayanay Elite Members.

We should highlight that in the world of Ayanay, Elite is NOT Superior, Elite pays respect to those that are self-aware, open, and client centred.

Our relationship with Windy Dryden…

Both of us, believe in the power of connectivity. Shaking someone’s hand, having a conversation, meeting a person face to face and supporting each other grow.


So, when we were planning our 2nd Retreat, we were delighted to be approached by Windy Dryden, offering to support our fledgling endeavour.

The conversations that flowed from that point, lead to Windy becoming the guest speaker at the Retreat, which took place earlier this month, (March 2019).

The journey that linked Ayanay with Irvin D Yalom, was somewhat different.

Almost a month after Vonnie’s surgery, an attitude of Carpe Diem ruled.

And with nothing to lose, Ayanay reached out to Irvin and asked if he would like to be involved in some events with us, in the UK.

Following a nail biting 24 hours, with website hits showing Stanford University, Vonnie was invited to speak to Irvin directly.

With ever reducing travel and public speaking, it was decided that a live video link to the UK would be the best option…

…that would allow Ayanay to be supported by, quite possibly the greatest living psychological expert of our time.


The sheer adrenaline and excitement felt at that time, can’t be put into words.

But this was topped earlier this week, when Irvin and Windy both agreed to support Ayanay again.

This time with a short interview.

Facilitating 2 of the greats is not something either of us had done before (No one else had either) so in the spirit of supporting our members, we reached out to Karin.

What an Interview it turned out to be…

…Irvin D Yalom, confirming that the 3 events in April would be his farewell addresses.

No Pressure.

And here we are.

Tickets are available from www.ayanay.co.uk

This might be my last events... (1).jpg

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