Why I took time off and how it worked out for me

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Hi everyone!

Last time I wrote to you, I was about to start a month off, which ended last week.

I had lots of thinking and resting to do – I was having some physical health issues that I wasn’t able to sort out with all that I was doing.

Taking time off definitely helped, and I am now raring to get going again!



Looking after myself, and helping people look after themselves, is something I am passionate about. I felt I needed to be an example of what I talk about, and this was a great time to “practice what I preach”.



So, what happened in this month?

  • I gave myself time off social media and blogging so I could think more clearly, and have proper rest, without the guilt of “I must be doing something for my audience”.
  • 20181103_110640I had a stern talk with myself along the lines of “you can’t look after others, or give great advice if you’re feeling run-down and unwell…your audience will be fine for a few weeks…this will benefit you and them!”
  • I was getting no real results with the medical professionals I was seeing, so I decided to go a bit of an alternative route, which I wasn’t able to think about with all the work stuff I was thinking about.
  • Having the time off helped me think more clearly, and that’s when I contacted my acupuncturist (after not seeing her for 2 years!) and she recommended I come see her again, but also to go see a nutritionist colleague of hers.
  • This was a great turning point for me!
  • I am now on a bunch of supplements and a bit of a dietary change which includes having less sugar in my tea (we’re negotiating, no sugar is yucky at the moment!) and having smoothies in the morning full of goodness.


I can feel the difference in my energy levels, and many of the symptoms I had are either significantly less intense or gone altogether.

I know some of this might seem obvious, but when we are within ourselves, we tend to see things less clearly than someone on the outside looking in.

I needed the time off to get a bit of perspective and get myself back on track.

I feel like I have given myself a great gift, which culminated with a little self-care holiday to Italy.


I also had space to think about what I want to do with my life and businesses for the next year or so. I have lots of ideas to implement and share with you all, so watch out for them!

I am back on track with my physical health, which helps in all areas of my life.

I hope you enjoyed reading my update, and do look out for new posts from next week on topics relating to relationships, self-care and supervision.

I will also be posting regularly on my social media channels, so keep an eye out for me!

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