5 more ways in which supervision is important (videos)

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Dear readers,

This week is week 3 of #supervisionwithkarin month.

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In this week’s post, I’d like to leave you with 5 more Storyboard Videos about reasons why supervision is important for those in Private Practice.

The following videos refer to the following isues that can be developed and worked on in Supervision:

  1. Supervision is important for your professional development and the growth of your practice, but it is also helpful – alongside personal therapy – for personal development.
  2. Supervision helps us work to a safe standard by keeping us accountable and working within an ethial framwork.
  3. Reflective practice is important – learning from our successes but also from our mistakes or missed opportunities helps us grow as practitioners and therefore help our clients more effectively.
  4. The supervisor’s role is to challenge their supervisees in a way that supports rather than hinders their self-confidence and ability to work with their clients, and to talk to their supervisor without censoring themselves.
  5. Similarly to point number 1, supervision is a safe space to process personal feelings and thoughts that might have been brought up by client sessions.

For more information on supervision with me – face to face and online – visit my Supervision Pages here.

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