Supervision Month!

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Welcome to today’s blog post!

This month, I’m going to be offering lots of content on supervision, in the form of videos and informative posts via my social media platforms throughout the week, and on Mondays I will bring you some of what to expect me to be talking about and posting.

The topics will be on a variety of supervision issues, such as what counsellors and psychotherapists need to know and be putting in place in their practice as therapists and supervisors.

I will also be presenting my supervision model, which I created when I was training and underpins and informs my supervision practice.

I will resume with my In Therapy posts in due course. Do have a look at my archive to catch up if you haven’t read them. There’s a lot on a variety of topics: self-care, anxiety, autism spectrum, and more!

I will be posting quite a few times during the day on Twitter, once or twice on Facebook and LinkedIn, and once a week on Instagram and Pinterest.

Today, I’d like to leave you with my first video, introducing the month of June as Supervision month!

Help me get this hashtag catching on:


Looking forward to hearing your comments and engaging with you on Social media and also  via my website and blog.

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