In Supervision: Model series round-up


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In this week’s post, I would like to round-up and close the series on the Supervision Model I’ve chosen to follow, which as you can see includes many of the current models of supervision.

I hope you have enjoyed reading up on how I work with each of these models and the value each adds to the supervisory relationship, and in turn to the therapeutic relationship and finally how it benefits the clients discussed.

You can catch up on each model by clicking each of the titles:

Introduction to the Supervision Model





Hawkins and Shohet – The seven-eyed model of supervision







Stoltenberg and Delworth – A developmental model








Inskipp and Proctor – a functional model







Page and Wosket – The Cyclical Model








Scaife’s theory of supervision









As a new series in the In Supervision posts, I would like to discuss ethical issues and practice standards, as presented by a variety of ethical frameworks, starting with the one presented by my professional body – BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

You can have a look at the BACP ethical framework by clicking here. I shall be discussing each part in detail starting next week.

I hold a Certificate in Clinical Supervision from the University of Derby.I offer Clinical Supervision to qualified counsellors, and support during the course for trainee counsellors. (1

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