In Therapy: Catch up on past posts


Dear readers,

In this week’s post, I would like to leave a quick link guide to the posts I’ve written so far, both for my In Therapy series and mini-series, and for my Self-Care series.

I hope you enjoy reading or re-reading these. Comments are welcome, I would love to hear from you!

blog series on self care pinSelf care is important, especially in these current times of being busy all the time, switched on to the world on tech all the time, leading us to forget ourselves sometimes.  (If I’m honest, that’s what I’ve been doing since last week – looking after myself due to some health issues).

My series on self-care focuses on the following topics, of course there are lots more and soon I will be completing an ebook with even more self-care ideas, so stay tuned!

***If you want to read the version in Spanish, click here. *** Si quieres leer la serie en Español, haz click aqui. ***

pinterest pins for self care blogsMy In Therapy series came about as an opportunity to support the general public about different mental health conditions, issues and situations, and give some insight and helpful tips into how to work through each of them, including attending therapy with someone like me.

Some topics have been easier to write about than others, as some touch my life personally.  But I’ve enjoyed the journey so far and hope to keep informing you in the following months and years.

So, without further ado, here is the list of my individual and mini-series posts on therapy issues.

***If you want to read the version in Spanish, click here. *** Si quieres leer la serie en Español, haz click aqui. ***


What haven’t I written about yet that you’d like to read about?

Leave a message below to let me know!

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