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If you have been following my blog, you might have read my two-part miniseries on working through your first counselling session (click to read).

There is so much to consider when choosing your therapist, what to expect and how to go through the process and trust in the therapeutic relationship and the process itself.

Therapy Route discusses the different aspects of what therapy is, what to expect, and other questions you might have regarding your counselling process. Click here to read.


Never give up the struggle in life, written by a colleague in LinkedIn, gives us an idea of how we can get stuck in our ways and restrict ourselves without actually needing to.

The metaphor of the elephants and the rope is a lovely reflection.


Dealing with conflict in a positive way is something couples might struggle with more often than not.

Nathan Gould talks to us about how to have these discussions without ending up in an argument.

Read his blog post here.


Book Recommendation:

Diet, exercise and mental health: How to control your anger, anxiety and depression, using nutrition and physical exercise

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