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Dear subscribers and those of you reading via social media links througout the week.

I am just dropping in to your inboxes today to update you on what I will be writing about throughout the week.

I also want to thank you for reading and sending in your messages – I encourage you to keep doing so, and if you haven’t yet, I’d be very happy to hear from you!

*** You will only get one or two messages max per day, from Monday to Thursday (these are also the days I work in my Private Practice as a Counsellor and Supervisor – and also Tutoring in Psychology, Counselling, Spanish and English).

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pinterest pins for self care blogsMondays

In Therapy: Working Through…

A blog about mental health topics and how to work through the internal and relational turmoil they might bring.







In Therapy- Working Through...Tuesdays – Fortnightly

(Martes – cada dos semanas)

En Terapia: Procesando…

Un blog acerca de salud mental que te presenta temas para ayudarte a procesar confusión emocional que te pueda afectar internamente y en tus relaciones.

*** Translation of Monday’s blog post by Mayra Alarcón ***



In Supervision



In Supervision

A series designed with trainee and qualified counsellors in mind. I showcase the way I work in supervision and what I find important in the supervisory relationship, as well as discuss topics of importance in regards to ethics and professional standards.



CollaborationsGuest posts

Write to me if you’d like to write about those topics that you are passionate about!


Would you like me to write a blog post on your site? Let me know, I would be happy to have a chat!


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