Setting Reasonable Resolutions for 2018

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We have all been there…we make a list of what we plan to do in the New Year – stop smoking and doing more exercise are favourites.

How many of us break these resolutions on the 2nd of January?

So why not set some reasonable resolutions for 2018?

Here are some ideas that you might actually want to keep, and achieve without much hassle or thinking about:

  • keep life as simple as possible

    • remove those things that cause clutter in your home or mind.
    • think about each situation and weigh wether you want or need to stress about it, and decide for how long to stress about it.
  • Don’t make something a problem unless and/or until it actually is a problem!

    • this is one thing I try to make sure I do in my life to keep myself from getting overwhelmed when nothing is actually happening.
  • Make short-term plans

    • 3-monthly plans seem to work best for many people, and this means that you won’t get overwhelmed with gigantic goals
    • break those gigantic goals into parts and give yourself flexible deadlines to meet them
    • prioritise and don’t try to do everything at once, you will get overwhelmed and most likely not do any of them!
  • Take care of your mental health

    • read up on what worries you or ask a professional
    • go to counselling short term even if nothing major is happening – getting to know yourself better is a great thing and will benefit you and your relationships
    • read my blogs – and others’ blogs – on working through various issues in therapy
  • Other things that might impact positively on your life might be things that I’ve spoken about in my self-care blog posts

    • travel more

    • spend time with people that support and make you happy – spend less or no time with people that you might feel are taking your energy away or are actually toxic

    • read more

    • try new things – foods, activities, tv shows, etc

    • save

    • tweak your diet and exercise routines – or come up with one that fits your schedule and that you will actually achieve!

That’s it from me for 2017, I shall see you around the corner!

2018 here we come!

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