End of year – time to recap!

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Where has this year gone! It feels like it has just flown by.


It’s that time of the year where we begin to think about what this year brought to our lives, what we achieved – and what we didn’t.

We are urged to plan our New Year resolutions.

We feel obliged to attend a variety of parties and buy presents.

5It’s also that time of the year where we might feel a bit lonely or melancholic. If you are feeling this way, do have a look at my In Therapy posts on Anxiety and Loss and Grief, I am sure they will help you during these times.


In this post I just wanted to leave you with some Self-Care tips during this time:

  • Do what feels right for you.

    end of year bilingual post

    • Say “no” when a lot is demanded of you, when what you really want to do is just to spend a quiet evening in. You might disappoint some people, but will be true to yourself and your needs.
    • Say “yes” if you are happy to say yes. If you really want to do something, it will show and you will enjoy it even more.
  • Do what you can afford to do.

    • don’t feel pressured to buy expensive gifts or meals because it’s what’s expected at this time of year.
    • Budget this end of the year, so you have enough to pay for everything and not have any worried.
    • Plan ahead for January – save what you need and a bit more if you can – many of us struggle waiting for payday at the end of January!
  • Be creative with your end of the year activities

    • Go gift hunting!
      • My husband and I set a small budget and a set of shops (maybe one street or one shopping centre) and give ourselves an hour to go get something. After an hour, we meet at a restaurant we like for a drink or a meal (depends on our budget!) and exchange our presents. We stay within budget, we get quirky, fun things that we wouldn’t have bought otherwise, we save on wrapping paper and we get to spend time together!
    • Plan a party at home
      •  get a puzzle and get everyone to pitch in.
      • get some board games or make up your own.
      • get everyone to bring something to the party so the expenses are shared and there is more to share
  • Spend time with loved ones but don’t forget to spend time with yourself!

    • renew your energies for the start of the New Year
    • give yourself realistic goals for the first three months of the year (doing it in quarters might work better and you won’t get overwhelmed)
    • rethink your priorities for the next year
    • read a book you’ve left on the side the past year
  • Give to charity

  • Give to the homeless

    • I have had some great conversations with people on the street. It is unfortunate that they are in that situation, but giving a bit of your time to have a chat, or buy them a drink or a sandwich – it won’t break your budget – will feel good to both of you.

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