mix matched families.

This post is so fitting with the topics I’m discussing…it is a bit of self-care for those of us out there who might not fit in with our family “status quo” and a reminder for those trying to fit us into a certain mold.
Enjoy! I sure did.

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Sometimes, we grow up and look at the family we came from and we are filled with fondness and a sense of likeness, and there is a spirit of camaraderie and similarity – and we looks at the faces of our people and know that with them, we are home.

Sometimes, we have a person in our family who we connect with better than others. A sibling or parent who really “gets” us, and we look at them – and in spite of maybe not connecting quite as easily with other members, we know with this person, we are home.

Sometimes, we look at our family and find this fondness and affection and similarity in all but one person. The majority of the family may share a lens and a way in which they experience the world, and then there is the other. In spite of the differences with that…

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