New Series: Introduction to “In Therapy: working through…”

In Therapy- Working Through...

Hello, and welcome to the new series In Therapy: working through… where we will be talking about what therapy is like, and how it helps with dealing with particular issues.

I am passionate about seeing people work through their present problems, unresolved past feelings and thoughts, and having this space to give a bit of insight into what happens in a counselling session – with me, as I will be speaking from my experience as a counsellor – feels important, especially in this day and age where we are trying to raise awareness of mental health.

I believe mental health awareness is important, but it is also important to have awareness of what counselling is: it is not one thing to all, which makes it tricky for clients and even for professionals such as GPs or even psychiatrist to refer clients to particular therapeutic modalities; it also makes it tricky to find the right modality that will work for you.

I use a variety of techniques from a variety of modalities, using psychodynamic theory as a base for understanding what is going on, so I hope you can get a flavour or more than one modality when I discuss particular topics throughout the series.
Struggling with daily life-Need someone to talk to-I can help you.Click here to find out more. (1)I will explicitly say what modality the intervention might be taken from, and if I forget to do so, do ask me and I will explain further!

Here are some of the topics I will be starting the series off with, there will be more to come. The order of the list below might change and grow as the series goes on.

Working through anxiety

Working through depression


Working through bereavement

Working through relationship problems

Working through job loss

Working through dealing with autism

Working through difficult diagnoses

Please send me topics that you might want to learn more about and I will happily incorporate them into my posts:

I hope this series will be helpful and insightful to you, whether you are a counselling trainee, a qualified counsellor, someone seeking counselling or someone seeking an alternative to a counselling modality you might have experienced in the past.

Leave me a message below with comments, questions, or contact me via email or the

contact form for sessions or anything you might not want to post in public here.

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