Common Hope – A great time to become a sponsor


I remember the first time I ever thought about helping the poorer communities in Guatemala, the country where I was born, and where I lived until 2006.

I was sitting in my dad’s car, looking out the window. Nothing new with what I was looking at, same city, same streets I knew, just an average drive.

I spotted a little girl – I was a little girl myself – and saw that she looked a bit dirty, maybe hungry. She was very young and on her own, begging for money at the traffic lights.

Something tugged at my heart…


I was sad, upset, outraged at the thought of someone my age – or younger – would have to beg for food, and to be on the streets without her parents looking after her, without a safe place to be or sleep.

Did she go to school? Did she have friends? What was her life like?

It didn’t seem very good from where I was sitting…in my dad’s car, never having had to beg for anything in my life…

Unimaginable…but yet there she was!

I vividly remember thinking, all these years ago, that one day I would have to do something to help these people. I am still working on that, but I do believe that nothing happens by coincidence.


I have come into contact with Common Hope, who help children in Guatemala, and am happy to be linking with them to make a change in the children that – like that little girl all those years ago – are hoping for a better future, for an opportunity.

We are that hope, we are that opportunity. And we don’t even have to do that much to start with!

On their website, you can sign up to :


Make a Donation

Sponsor a Child

Join a Vision Team

Plan a trip

Volunteer Opportunities

Partner with Common Hope

Spread the Word

DSC_5801_resizeFind out even more about Common Hope, their programmes and their impact in local Guatemalan communities, and what the situation is like in Guatemala and why there is a need to support in this way and many others.

I hope this post has tugged at your heart, just like that little girl did so many years ago with mine.

Let’s be the hope and get things moving for these amazing children and young people!

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