Current events in the counselling and psychotherapy profession

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to see a very positive response to my blog posts on practical things to do for looking after yourself and living a more complete, calm and manageable life!

These will be continuing as usual on Mondays (English version) and Tuesdays (Spanish version).

In addition to these, I will also be posting mid-week on a topic that I’ve found relevant, interesting and current. As a member of BACP, BPS and other counselling related bodies, I get to read what is going on in the current counselling and psychotherapy climate, how this affect both professionals and clients alike. Some are beneficial to both, some are detrimental to one or the other. So I would like to shed some light on what is going on that might not be fully talked about in the general news but is a hot topic amongst counselling and psychotherapy professionals.

I might also write about courses I have recently attended and how valuable they have been for me as an individual, as a practitioner and how this might affect the way I practice in a positive way for my clients and supervisees.

If you have an opinion in these areas that you might want to discuss, do send me an email and we can work on a collaboration on my mid-week posts!

I would love for you to leave a comment below each blog post, to ensure I am writing what interests you, what is helpful to you and what you would like to read more or less of!



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