Continuous professional development and training Recommendations

I recently attended the European Association for Transactional Analysis foundation course: TA101 Certificate with Helen Davies from Open Space Therapy.

She was a remarkable tutor and would recommmend her courses from this initial experience training with her.

The course took us through two days of both theoretical and experiential T.A. processes. We were only 5, which I think worked well for me as I prefer smaller groups, but I’m sure it would have been interesting and maybe challenging in a different way with a larger group!

I have to say, I have had the book by Berne “The Games People Play” sitting on my reading list for the past year or so, and this course made me want to pick it up! (Will write a book review first and then crack on with that one!)

The way T.A. works is fascinating and also easy to practice in daily life. We had two lovely ladies in our group from other professions, the rest of us were counsellors, so their experience was very valuable. To see them grasp the concepts and start applying them or even just thinking about themselves in T.A. terms was great!

I believe this course will open new interaction and intervention doors for me in the counselling room, new ways of understanding my own relationships and the relationships that my clients bring to the group.

The Drama Triangle and its solution – the Winners Triangle were important learning themes for me as they explain how we can position ourselves as either victim, rescuer or persecutor (Drama triangle), but also allows us an exit via the Winners triangle: the victim can be vulnerable and develop problem solving skills; the rescuer can identify themselves as caring and developing their listening skills; and finally the persecutor can develop their assertiveness skills rather than their persecutor ones.

We learned so much more -from ourselves particularly – from each other as well – and theoretically!

There are many more topics that I’ve not discussed here (ego states, strokes, transactions, scripts, games, rackets and stamps). It would take too long and to be honest I don’t believe I am an expert at T.A….Not just yet anyway!

I encourage you, professional or lay-person, to look into Transactional Analysis and look into your relationships and patterns in this way. Whether you do anything other than think about it theoretically or actually put it into practice, it is interesting to say the least!

Leave a comment below if this was helpful and whether you went to read up on T.A. at all!

Upcoming training I’m attending and reviewing in this opinion space: Ecotherapy at Stanmer Park (Brighton) Saturday 26th August, and BACP Private Practice Conference in September.

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