Dear colleagues, clients and anybody else reading this right now!

I am pleased to present my new BlogSite and to hopefully keep you informed, entertained and up to date with information on what I’m up to, what the counselling, psychotherapy and psychological professions are up to, and/or just write to you regarding topics that interest me and that will hopefully be of interest to you too!

I really enjoy writing, researching and reading, which is something I wish to indulge in through this blog. It is also a way for you, my lovely colleagues and clients, to get to know me better and decide whether you want to network with me, come to counselling sessions with me, or even try to learn a language with me! (please only Spanish and English, I would not be able to go further than that at this point. German is my next endeavour, wish me luck!)

Anyway, I will be posting my next blog on Monday 31st of July 2017, am still deliberating on a topic, but it will be great, I promise!

Looking forward to exchanging messages with you on here and via my Social Media sites also.

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